Chief Engineer's Desk

Chief Engineer's Message

There are various Institutions to educate and train the technocrats. Whereas the higher education is imparted by the Engineering Colleges and Polytechnics, the Industrial Training Institutes i.e. I.T.I’s play a vital role to produce the middle level trained manpower required for wide range of productive activities in various Industries. In the middle cadre of trained, “Craftsmanship” plays a pivotal role. The term, “CRAFTMAN” refers to a heterogeneous group of production process workers and includes a variety of trade skills, occupations, education and training backgrounds. The Industrial Training Institute (I.T.I’s) conduct recognized trade courses and thus, generates craftsman of varied skills on a continuous basis. The main aim and objective of DVC Private ITI Chandrapura is to impart vocational training through Industrial Training in our society. Industrial Training Institutes are one of the major institutional sources for the supply of craftsman in the country.

Job oriented structured and entrepreneurship training is very essential in order to have job opportunities and scope for self-employment for the young generation. Industrial Training Institutes play an important role to achieve this goal. Hence, it becomes essential to open the new Institutions according to demand and need of the area for providing vocational training to the youth so that they may be able to get employment in the industries or may be able to set up their units for generating employment for unskilled masses.

For the Industrial growth in the country and for Industry to meet the challenges of new Technology, there is need for close co-operation and harmonious relations between Institute and Industry. The need of the Industry-Institute interaction Programme is to raise the skills of the students to match the requirements of Industry and to fill the gap between the trainees and the need of modern Industry.

Increase in quality of work has direct relation with productivity, which in turn is connected with skill availability of the workforce. In this context, it is necessary not only to create quality employment but also to equip such quality employment with sufficient skills. Creating quality employment and equipping the labour force with sufficient skills are thus the major challenges before all the states in the country.

R. B. Singh

Chief Engineer

DVC ITI, Chandrapura